Mobile computers

Data terminals – wireless, mobile devices used for collecting and processing data during the implementation of processes in the field of production, logistics and in the warehouse. Data terminals are equipped with a code reader, keyboard, touch display, battery and housing which ensures proper operation in harsh industrial conditions and harsh environment. The Android system together with a specialist software make it possible to efficiently use their possibilities in the course of conducted tasks. Depending on the specificity of implemented processes and additional equipment they appear as manual terminals, vehicle mount terminals and heavy-duty tablets. Data terminals are equipped with the readers intended for reading codes from a longer distance found their application in high storage warehouses. Our offer includes data terminals of the leading manufacturers, such as, among others, Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, Cipherlab.

  • the housing is resistant to a fall from a great height
  • possibility of code reading from a long distance
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi communication,
  • reading of 1D and 2D codes
  • the Android system
  • efficient battery



Vehicle mount computers for special tasks

A fully professional solution dedicated only to forklifts are vehicle-mounted computers. These devices are designed for operation in the most extreme environments, in warehouses, cold stores and on loading docks. The housing design provides dust and water resistance at IP66 level and sealed communication and power connectors. Mounting on forklift trucks is possible since the devices pass shock and vibration tests. The terminals are available with a touch screen diagonal of 10.4 or 12.1 inches, functional keys, and an optional keyboard. This solution is significantly more advantageous for an operator using software that displays plenty of information. An integrated bar code reader facilitates warehouse operations. Depending on the software used by the end user, terminals with the Windows or the Android platform can be chosen.

mobile computer

Handheld data terminals

Handheld terminals are the most popular and versatile solution on the market. These portable collectors are designed for data collection in the warehouse, on the production floor and in shops. The devices, with their touch screen, rugged housing resistant to drops from 3 meters, wireless communication, and optional pistol grip, are incredibly convenient to use. The multitude of available configurations makes it possible to adjust the device to almost all user requirements. Optionally available, integrated modules for scanning bar codes even from a distance of a few meters.

przenośny terminal danych

Wearable readers and data terminals

The basic element of wearable solutions is a bar code reader: a ring to be worn on the finger or mounted on the back of the hand. A complementary device to the wearable solution is a data terminal to be worn on the forearm. Wearable solutions are characterized by excellent ergonomics. Low weight and compact size mean that the operator does not feel overloaded, and operations do not demand excessive effort. Despite its small size, the design of code readers and data terminals provides the highest resistance parameters. The IP65 sealing makes the reader fully dustproof, waterproof, and able to withstand a drop from 1.8 m to concrete. Wearable solutions increase employees’ efficiency and productivity. They make scanning without engaging the hands possible. Thanks to that both hands are free to handle products, cartons or carry out other tasks. The ring reader and a shoulder scanner are permanently fixed to the operator’s hand, therefore the risk of losing them during operation has been basically eliminated.

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