GHS chemical labels

GHS chemical labels – a set of self-adhesive labels intended for marking products in compliance with the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS/CLP). The system specifies the minimum size of a standard label in relation to the capacity of the packaging of the chemical substance or its mixture. It regulates the description manner and minimum size of pictograms that inform about hazards. Due to the specificity of the chemical industry foil labels are more commonly used than paper ones.

  • compliant with the GHS/CLP system
  • standard label dimensions
  • possibility of printing colour markings on label printers



Chemical labels – manufacturer

Etisoft is a manufacturer of chemical labels compliant the GHS. Chemical labels are designed in accordance with the guidelines contained in the CLP regulation. They are printed on durable labels resistant to chemical agents, detergents, humidity, temperature changes and UV radiation. Manufacturers and distributors of chemical substances and mixtures are recipients of the labels. The labels are manufactured in accordance with IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 standards, which ensures top quality and product repeatability.

Chemical labels – requirements

The legal requirements for labelling hazardous chemical substances and mixtures are specified in the CLP regulation (the regulation of the European Commission on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures). The regulations specify, among other things, the minimum size of a label in relation to the capacity of the packaging of the chemical substance or its mixture. According to the CLP regulation, a chemical label should be printed in the official language of the territory where the substance or mixture is marketed. The GHS label must contain data of the manufacturer or distributor, information characterising the substance, its amount in a packaging, type of hazard, warning information and pictograms, in accordance with the adopted GHS markings. These very requirements are met by durable chemical labels manufactured by Etisoft.

Customised chemical labels

Chemical labels are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s guidelines, meeting at the same time the requirements specified in the CLP regulation. The type of labels and adhesive is individually selected, depending on the type of packaging which the label will be applied to (metal barrel, plastic canister, glass bottle). The printing technique also depends on the type of the labelled substance as well as the conditions in which the substance will be stored. Well-designed and printed chemical labels guarantee legibility of information throughout the whole period of use of the preparation. Resistance of chemical labels is tested in our laboratory according to the guidelines provided by the customer.

Chemical labels for manufacturers of reagents

Etisoft is a manufacturer of GHS chemical labels for Polish and European producers and distributors of chemical reagents. We have gained enormous experience by cooperating with the largest companies in the chemical  industry. Following the latest developments on the market of self-adhesive materials and printing techniques enables us to provide solutions at the highest global level. Many years of cooperation with  producers of chemical substances and their satisfaction are the best proof of that.

Chemical labels – why it is worth choosing them from the Etisoft offer

The cooperation we offer our customers is based on technological safety and provision of an appropriate production capacity. The partnership-based relationships with our largest suppliers of raw materials ensure production continuity and meeting delivery dates and guarantee constant high quality of offered products. It is proven by numerous certificates.

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