Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners are devices designed for reading and encoding information written in the form of a bar code or 2D code. Currently, scanners with a laser scanning module and digital imager technology are manufactured. Area image scanners capture the image (bar code and 2D code) just like a digital camera and then, with the aid of appropriate software, decode it. Thanks to the fact that they do not contain moving parts, they are more resistant to drops and shocks. In comparison with laser scanners, they can read damaged codes, low-contrast codes, from a phone screen or monitor and at a greater speed. Modern readers can also capture images and documents. Barcode scanners can be used in all business areas: production, warehouse and logistics, office, administration, and commerce. The offer includes, among other things: Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, Cipherlab and Sick.

  • wired and wireless readers
  • scanners for operation in harsh conditions
  • readers with a long-range module
  • industrial readers
  • wide range of holders and stands



General purpose scanners

Barcode scanners designed with a wide range of application in mind. They make it possible to read barcodes from selfadhesive labels, documents, or LCD screens. Used in commerce, laboratories, offices and administration, they make it possible to quickly read bar codes and 2D codes. Stationary and wired models with a convenient stand and automatic reading ensure instant operation at the checkout and high scanning performance. Wireless readers with radio or Bluetooth communication are a more flexible solution, making operation up to 100m from the docking station possible.

czytnik kodów do różnych zastosowań

Rugged barcode scanners

Barcode readers for warehouse, logistics and production combine exceptional durability and scanning performance. Rugged models have a robust IP68 sealed housing, which makes operation in outdoor and dusty environments possible. They are resistant to multiple drops from the height of 3m to a concrete floor. Rugged industrial readers provide high scanning performance of codes printed on labels or chemically and laser-etched onto production elements. Scanners can read barcodes and 2D codes even from the distance of 20m, codes on shrink-wrapped pallets, folded labels, damaged and incorrectly printed codes. Both wired and wireless bar code readers can be additionally equipped with accessories that make them easier to use.

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Industrial scanners

Industrial barcode readers are mainly small-sized, stationary models designed for assembly on production lines and in logistics centers. They make it possible to automatically read codes from production elements and packaging moving on conveyor belts and production lines. Industrial scanners have a high reading capacity for barcodes, 2D codes printed on various surfaces, partially damaged codes, and low-contrast codes. The devices have many connectivity options which enable them to be easily integrated with the existing systems. Industrial barcode readers have a minimum IP65 protection.

Wearable scanners

Wearable barcode readers are becoming increasingly popular in the warehouse sector, in production and in retail. Their major advantage is great flexibility, increased efficiency in handling warehouse process and comfort of work. The basic element of wearable solutions is a barcode reader: a ring to be worn on the finger or mounted on the back of the hand. Low weight and compact size mean that the operator does not feel overloaded, and operations do not demand excessive effort. A top- or side-mounted trigger button makes the reader extremely versatile. Workers do not need to hold a handheld scanner or data terminal in their hands any more in order to take a reading. Thanks to that both hands are free to handle products, cartons or carry out other tasks. In spite their small size, wearable readers are fully dustproof, waterproof, and resistant to drops from the height of 1.8m.

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