Pallets and containers id labels

Markings for pallets and transport items – made in the form of permanent self-adhesive labels contain a unique number in the form of a bar code or 2D code. These markings are used in production and logistic processes for marking returnable items. On their basis the content of a particular packaging can be identified or its current status in the reusable items management system can be determined. Pallets and transport items marked with this type of labels make it possible to automate picking and logistic processes.

  • durable marking of pallets, containers and packaging resistant to ambient conditions
  • automation of production and logistic processes
  • efficient management of reusable packaging



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etykiety na skrzynki

Labels for crates and pallets

10 Aug 2022 - Mariusz Bielecki

Returnable Transport Items (RTI) and Returnable Packaging Items (RPI) are present in most industries. So, what are these RTIs and RPIs? Looking around, each of us has certainly come across […]

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