Industrial Velcro

Industrial Velcro in the form of a self-adhesive tape consists of two parts which can be opened and closed many times. Used in many industries where there is a need for periodic disassembly of bonded elements. The adhesive layer ensures perfect tack to bonded surfaces, whereas hook and loop fasteners or reclosable fasteners with mushroom-shaped heads ensure durable reclosable bonding. Industrial Velcro in the form of a self-adhesive tape is an alternative to screws, bolts, snaps, and other traditional methods of material bonding. Their application is simple, the bond made by means of Velcro is durable, resistant, and aesthetic. Taking into consideration the use of industrial Velcro already at the design stage of the final product ensures the absence of problems during product assembly and provides comfortable maintenance during operation.

  • quick and easy assembly and disassembly
  • aesthetic, smooth, and undistorted surfaces
  • elimination of hole drilling
  • reduction of weight of the final product
  • possibility of repeated bonding of elements



Industrial Velcro applications

Industrial Velcro is used where:

  • there is a need for periodic disassembly of bonded elements (e.g., panels, covers, lids that must be removed for maintenance of components or cables underneath)
  • elements are fastened temporarily (e.g., temporary signage, elements of exhibition stand decoration)

Velcro is commonly used in the automotive industry for mounting upholstery, headliners, and floor mats in passenger cars. In public means of transport for mounting wall and ceiling panels, fabrics in seats and additional equipment. In ship and yacht manufacturing, self-adhesive Velcro is used to fasten upholstery, decorative elements, and light electronics. In the construction industry, hook, and loop reclosable fasteners are used for fastening interior finishing details, mounting seats, covers, shields and covering strips. Thin Velcro is used for decorating shops and exhibition stands.

Reclosable fasteners with mushroom-shaped heads

DualLock reclosable fasteners with mushroom-shaped heads were designed by 3M. Hundreds of mushroom-shaped micro interlocking heads are densely packed on the surface of the self-adhesive plastic tape. They ensure high mechanical strength and durability of the bond under demanding conditions of use and with multiple “reopening.” The strength of the bond achieved with the mushroom-shaped reclosable fasteners is so high that it can replace other mechanical bonds. The use of self-adhesive Velcro makes it easier to bond materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion, additionally dampening vibrations and making the structure quieter. The system of mushroom-shaped heads provides a permanent and stable bonding of elements without backlash and shifts typical of classic hook and loop reclosable fasteners.

Reclosable fasteners with mushroom-shaped heads differ in the type of the adhesive used and the density of the hooks. This diversity makes it possible to select the optimal parameters of the bond depending on the materials from which the bonded elements are made and operating conditions of the finished product. DualLock™ Thin reclosable fasteners can be used for applications where high strength of the bond is not required. However, they have smaller mushroom-shaped heads which makes the bond with this reclosable fastener thinner.

Hook and loop reclosable fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners are commonly found on shoes and jackets. They use elastic hooks that hook into elastic loops to form a bond. This idea also works very well in industrial applications. Industrial Velcro on a self-adhesive layer facilitates bonding of elements made of different materials. Self-adhesive hook and loop reclosable fasteners are used for bonding lightweight structures, thin materials, and fabrics. Simultaneously, they provide a strong bond between materials, are moisture-resistant and can be used for outdoor applications.

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