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What Etisoft is valued for

We are a fast growing organization, which is based only on Polish capital. During the last five years we have doubled the number of employees and we currently employ over 300 people.

Ambitious and responsible tasks allow employees to fully utilize their knowledge and experience. We also offer a dynamic and diverse work environment that makes each new day brings new challenges.

Conducted periodically Employee Survey provides us with the knowledge that enables us to create a comfortable and inspiring work environment.

The values ​​on which we focus on is the positive and direct corporate culture and working conditions enabling the work-life balance.

If we add the exceptionally good relationship with partners and customers in Poland and abroad, we can ensure that our company provides stable employment in a good atmosphere conducting to effective teamwork.

Our employees

We work with people open to new ideas, who appreciate the cooperation. We respect their passions and interests to support their implementation.

People with passion

What we offer to employees

Etisoft focuses on the development of their employees - not just through new, responsible tasks, but also through a number of offered training courses. Thanks to a specially prepared individual programs they can develop their substantive and foreign languages knowledge, as well as soft skills.

We provide an attractive benefits package

  • group insurance on favorable terms
  • Employee Pension Plan
  • annual social events and holidays
  • a wide range of the Social Fund
  • grant for Benefit MultiSport cards


We care about our employees, protecting their rights and safety.

We want parents to combine parental responsibilities with the employee ones, offering flexible working hours, individual schedule of working time or ability to combine maternity and parental leave and work.