Label printers with verifier

Label printers with a code verifier are devices which automatically control the correctness of codes printed on the labels. The verifier of bar codes and 2D codes is integrated into a thermal transfer printer, as a result of which it verifies and approves of the correctness of codes already during label printing. The data printed on the label are checked for compliance with the data send from the host, whereas the image of a bar code is verified for compliance with the ISO standards. In case of incorrectly verified codes the label is marked and a new one is automatically printed, without the intervention of an operator.

The use of verifiers to check prints reduces the number of complaints, returns and unnecessary downtime. It reduces costs related to codes that have been incorrectly printed on products. It prints bar codes which are 100% accurate. Printronix T8000 ODV2D,  Printronix T6000e ODV2D as well as Honeywell PX940V printers with a verifier are particularly recommended for industrial applications.

  • verification of up to 50 codes on one label
  • code verification in compliance with the ISO standards
  • verification of the so-called “quiet zone” and checksum
  • 100% of correctly printed codes
  • reduction of costs of returns and complaints
  • reduction of downtime




Code verifiers integrated with a printer are used in applications requiring high precision and error-free printing of bar codes. They have been specially designed for industries where penalties for suppliers for non-compliant labels are applied:

  • automotive
  • pharmacy and health care
  • transport and logistics
  • dispatch and distribution centres

Printers with a code verifier are most frequently used for printing different codes on one label, printing label pads, each containing a different code, and for printing codes on small labels from edge to edge.

Printing and verification of RFID labels

Moreover, the Printronix T6000e series devices with ODV-2D allow users to print and encode RFID labels and check the quality of printed bar codes during a single pass. This single printer performs the work of multiple devices, providing high levels of performance and cost savings. It is a unique function that is not available in any other printer available on the market today.

Industrial standard

Label printers with code verifiers are devices of industrial standard. Durable, metal printing mechanism and easy, tool-free exchange of a print head and a platen roller help to minimise downtime during maintenance. The internal software platform supports multiple printing languages and is adjusted to existing industry standards. Thanks to that the printers can be installed as substitutes on production lines.

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