etiSTOCK – rfid consignment warehouse

EtiSTOCK consignment warehouse is a management system for the consignment warehouse which monitors on an ongoing basis its inventory balance and signals the need for stock replenishment to the supplier. The application of RFID identification labels in marking logistic units makes it possible to control in real time the status and registration of receipts and releases of products from the warehouse. The goods stored in a consignment warehouse are the property of the supplier until they’re released, and the operation is recorded in the etiSTOCK system. On the basis of the declared minimum and maximum status of particular products and current verification of the inventory balance, the system registers the need for stock replenishment in the supplier’s planning systems. The supplier of a particular component is responsible for the delivery of an appropriate number of logistic units in a specified period of time. The etiSTOCK system based on RFID identification labels eliminates errors connected with the release of an improper component and makes it possible to find a given component in the warehouse quickly.

  • continuous inventory of components
  • simple management of inventories
  • reduction of the storage costs
  • the system conducts releases in accordance with FIFO
  • the system facilitates finding the right component in the warehouse
  • guarantee of availability of components in the warehouse
  • reduction of operational costs related to the process of purchasing components


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