APS – audit management

APS (Audit Process Support) is an innovative application that automates audits. It is a simple, intuitive tool that helps in organizing and optimizing audit processes, as well as in creating schedules, collecting data and reporting them. The APS application is available as a website, making it easily accessible from both your computer and smartphone. One license allows for an unlimited number of users in one location. Employees can use the application at the same time to check activities, schedules, report problems and schedule audits. The solution can be flexibly configured depending on the type of audits performed, e.g. 5S, LPA, TPM, ISO, Facility Management and OHS, among others health and safety inconsistencies, Nearmiss.

  • reporting automation
  • digitization of audit activities
  • simple licensing
  • intuitive operation
  • possibility of adjusting to the user’s needs


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