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Chemistry and laboratories


We offer labels resistant to chemicals and solvents, intended to indicate the tubes and containers undergoing the process of deep-freezing, sterilized in autoclaves and exposed to gamma radiation.

For the chemical products marking we recommend pre-printed colour labels prepared in accordance with industry standards.

Specially designed for pharmaceutical and medical laboratories, we have developed etiCALLS system which allows easy and independent design and print of labels resistant to numerous factors and guarantees long lasting printability.


350t 196c chemicals water oil radiation abrasion printer color



We offer products made in flexography according to indications and design of the customer. We recommend metallized foil labels or materials with high transparency with the use of gilding, silvering, glossy lacquers and other decorative techniques.

In our offer we also have all kinds of industrial marking of factories, warehouses, equipment and fixed assets, and logistics labels according to GS1 and ODETTE standards.

For the FMCG sector we also recommend systems and devices for automatic labeling of products on the production line and IT systems support production management with the necessary equipment and supplies.

etiCLIPS system is supporting customers interested in individual print of on-demand color labels. This comprehensive solution is an important support especially in industries where time is crucial, i.e. food, confectionery or bakeries. On the spot printing of labels even in short series and using various materials – these are the most important features of etiCLIPS


100c water oil abrasion printer color



For the construction industry we offer labels for marking goods stored on pallets outside storage halls. Lebels resistant to weathering facilitate the automatic identification of goods and through the use of RFID tags reading is possible even without the visibility of the label, for example through the glass of forklift.

For the construction industry we also recommend logistics labels according to GS1 and ODETTE standards as well as all kinds of industrial markings, along with printers and software and IT systems supporting the management of production.


100c water oil abrasion printer rfid