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Labels and markings

We specialize in the production of technical markings for industrial applications prepared in accordance with customer specifications. We offer a wide range of both adhesive and non-adhesive labels. They are made of paper or foil in any shape and size. For custom applications and applications exposed to operate in extreme conditions, our specialists will choose the solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers in terms of durability, resistance of materials and printing. Thanks to modern technology we can offer a unique multi-layered labels and labels and markings allow to record the information in the RFID technology.


Functional labels

We offer a wide range of adhesive materials enabling fast, aesthetic and tight connections of detail while retaining the appropriate mechanical properties. Depending on the requirements we recommend tapes for permanent and temporary connections. To ensure the proper functioning of the electronic devices we offer dielectric components made of polycarbonate, pressboard and polypropylene. With advanced technological capabilities, we can ensure the fit of insulation materials for specific applications. We have a wide range of materials secure the devices and products during operation, storage and transport. Protective materials are available with or without an adhesive layer in the form of tapes, sheets, and thanks to the punching devices as well as dedicated patterns.



We offer industrial label printers of world's largest producers. For applications requiring the labeling of products directly on the surface without the use of labels we offer Thermal Inkjet printing systems. Our Print and Apply systems for automatic marking of products on the production line,help significantly reduce the time of labeling process and a variety of application methods allows to customize solutions for each production line. We provide integration of our systems with the current infrastructure. We offer solutions that include design and construction works.


Systems and software

We design and implement systems based on automatic identification technology. We offer solutions both for small stations, as well as complex systems supporting the management of production and warehouse using barcode technology or RFID. As complement of hardware solutions we offer proprietary software for easily and quickly design and print labels as well as applications enable the integration of printers with the external software. Our solutions work with databases, devices, control and measuring systems, warehouse and retailer software. Supervision of the implementation is carried out by experienced Project Managers what ensures the implementation of activities in accordance with the methodology of project management. The maintenance of the implemented systems deals with specialized helpdesk and specialists from IT and service departments.


Technical support

Approaching comprehensively the issue of customer service we have expanded and constantly evolving area of services. We provide support services during the implementation process with the user training included. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for offered equipment, systems and software. Our clients can benefit from technical support - Helpdesk by phone or email and if necessary using TeamViewer.